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Monongahela, PA 15063
Phone: 412-384-4810
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Special Interest Links

Puppy Socialization

How our puppies are raised

Ear Tipping with Speed Sew

How To Tape Collie Puppy Ears

Crate Training - coming soon

Our puppies will be recieving the
Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test
on day 49.

PupQuest A guide for you on your quest
for a happy, healthy puppy from a
responsible source!

Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM
vaccine protocol

The Puppy Dog Place - A puppy care
guide for your new furry bundle!


Kelstrin Ziva La Diva, Rally
Novice title at 10 months of age.
We recognize that there are many dog sports with which to
participate, some of which are: agility, competition obedience,
rally, bikejoring, cani cross, caniteering, carting, canine
freestyle, nosework, conformation showing, Flyball (or its
variations such as catchball), disc dog, dock dog, cart pulling,
dog hiking/pack hacking (titles are given for backpacking
by the American Working Collie Association), dog scootering,
earthdog, field trials, tracking, hare coursing, herding or stock
dog training, hunting, hound trailing, scootering, sled dog
racing, dog surfing, terrier racing, treibball, therapy dogs and
Protection sports (including Schutzhund, Service Dogs of
America) to name a few. 

We strive to maintain sound, healthy and well-tempered dogs
so that companion dog owners of Kelstrin puppies can have
the opportunity to engage in canine dog sports to help build
their relationships with their dogs.

Using Positive Reinforcement Training to Manage a Multiple
Dog Household

Canine Behavior Services has great articles on training.

Kelstrin Tartanside Ziva La Diva

Rally Novice title at 10 months. CD at 13 months. Rally Advanced title at 15 months.
HIG from Collie Club of America Regionals - September, 2012
Two legs in Graduate Novice at 18 months.


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