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Kelstrin Collies
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2670 Pangburn Hollow Road
Monongahela, PA 15063
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on day 49.

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Kelstrin Collies was established in 1974.  After a lengthy hiatus while we raised our family,
we are now resuming a passion, which has remained constant throughout this period.   We
are located in the beautiful foothills of Southwestern Pennsylvania.  In the spirit of hospitality
we welcome you to visit with our beautiful rough collies and us.  We are a small quality
hobby/show breeder and our dogs are raised as part of our family.  We strive to produce
quality dogs in accordance with the Collie Standard as written by the Collie Club of America
with good temperaments and are well adjusted for the breed ring, performance and as faithful companion dogs.  Good temperaments and intelligence are hallmarks of a well-bred
collie, and we strive for these characteristics in all of our breedings. We socialize our puppies
from birth, affording them opportunities to interact with adults and children.  They are puppy
temperament tested on the critical 49th Day.  The 49th day is the ideal time for the puppy
aptitude test to be performed.  On this day, the brain waves of the puppy are the same as a
mature dog, but the puppy is a clean slate.  If the puppies have been properly socialized, the
test is a reliable measure of the puppy’s suitability for whatever role in life they are expected
to fulfill. This also helps the breeder place the puppies in acceptable homes.

Our companion and performance dogs are sold with an AKC limited spay/neuter registration.
The AKC Limited Registration is in compliance with the Collie Club of America’s Code of
Ethics.  Your puppy will be eligible for all AKC Events, Performance and Competitions
with the exception of conformation and breeding rights.  All puppies we sell go to their new
home with a “Puppy Packet,” This packet consists of the following information:  puppy’s
health records; health guarantee; pedigree; copy of the spay/neuter contract between buyer
and seller; a sample of the food puppy has been eating; packet of pertinent information; and
a piece of a blanket with Mother’s and littermates’ scent. Kelstrin Collies will also provide a
lifetime of breeder support. 

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