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Our puppies will be recieving the
Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test
on day 49.

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for a happy, healthy puppy from a
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Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM
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Welcome to Kelstrin Collies' website. We hope you enjoy our collies as much as we do. If you
have any questions please feel free to contact us any time.

Kelstrin Collies was founded in 1974.  It is our goal to produce rough collies that exemplifies the AKC standard and in accordance with the Collie Club of America Code of Ethics. We will have litters on a very limited basis.  Our philosophy and ideology is quality, not quantity.  Kelstrin Collies’ will proudly stand behind their dogs and offer a lifetime of support.

I fell in love with rough collies when I was a child watching “Timmy and Lassie”, and all the
variations on the Lassie series’ that was to follow.  Even today, just the theme song of the old
Lassie series’ brings tears to my eyes.  My first rough collie was my engagement ring and I have
not looked back since.  The rough collie personifies beauty, intense loyalty, intelligence, sound
temperament, grace and wisdom.  They are the “old souls” of the canine world, and are
instinctively highly motivated to please.  To walk through life with a collie as a companion is both
a joy and a blessing, and I am honored to have them by my side through life’s journey.

We are proud members of the Collie Club of Western Pennsylvania, Collie Club of America,
Golden Triangle Obedience Training Club, Keystone Canine Training Club, Association of Pet
Dog Trainers,  American Working Collie, and Therapy Dog International (TDI).

We are proud members of these organizations!

Association of Professional Dog Trainers Collie Club of Western PA Collie Health Foundation Collie Club of America American Working Collie Association Golden Triangle Obedience Training Club Keystone Canine Training Club
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